Sunday, December 10, 2006

7 Tips on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

by Jason Gordon

1st Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Apologize Sincerely. We're assuming it's your fault. Think about what you did. Put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes. How would you feel? Think about what you would want to hear if she had done or said the same thing to you? In this way, you'll start to realize that what you did was wrong from HER point of view. When you apologize, do it sincerely addressing what you did wrong in a frank, forthright manner.

Don't make excuses! Don't qualify your apology and don't blame her for your words or actions. If she still has feelings for you, a sincere apology is one of the best ways to prove to her that you are worthy of a second chance.

2nd Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Act like you just started dating. Girls want to feel special. She obviously feels hurt - that's why she borke up, right? She is hurt and/or annoyed with your behavior so guess what you have to do to get her back - change your behavior. Start listening. Do nice things for her. Romantic things like you used to do before you started seriously dating. Be creative. Flowers and chocolate are good but they may not be enough. Think about how you can really make her feel special...then do it.

3rd Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Don't wait for her. She broke up with you. You are upset, right. You may be thinking she'll come back to her senses...WRONG! The balls in your court, buddy. You need to be the one to make first contact. Every moment you wait after the initial breakup just proves to her that you dont care.

4th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Change! This is a no-brainer. Think back over what you fought about...was it a one time occurence? Was it something she often compained about? Is it something that she warned you about but you didn't listen. Many times guys feel to proud to change...that is a bad sign for your relationship. Both partners need to learn to compromise. If she used to say your lazy and lack ambition, prove her wrong. If she said you were untrustworthy, stop whateverf made her believe that. You get the point.

5th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Talk to her friends. Yep, it sounds horrible but this tip may be your best bet. She has been busy talking to all her girlfriends about what a jerk you are and they are there confirming it by saying she can do better...can she? If you don't think so, then call up her friends and tell them how upset and sorry you are. Ho much you miss your ex and wish you had her back. Get them on your team and before long they'll be encouraging her to give you a second chance.

6th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Lunch Date. Ok, it's obvious she needs some time to figure things out. You really screwed up after all. Tell her that and then just say you want to see her. Something a lunch date. Keep it about work, the weather, whatever. Shower her with compliments. Tell her you miss her but dont go overboard. It'll get her thinking if she made the right decision.

7th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: The Love Letter. No, emails aren't ok! Sit down with a cup of coffee and make a list of why you like this girl so much anyway. Why do you miss her? Right it down. Right down how she makes you feel. Write down why you are sorry and possibly why you or said what you did. Be vulnerable! You'll be surprised what the pen can do to heal heartbreak.

That's it. Getting your ex girlfriend back is up to you. Try the tips above. If you think you need more and let's face it, your probably will, try the link below and Good Luck!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Best Way to Talk to Women

by Scott Patterson

If you really want to have success with women than you need to learn how to talk to a woman the right way. What I mean by this is that you have to avoid doing what 99% of all men do. When most men approach a woman they usually don't have any confidence, they don't sustain any meaningful eye contact, and they lack the necessary social skills to generate attraction from an initial conversation. The good news is that talking to a woman the right way is a learned skill. And just like reading a book or riding a snowboard anyone can learn how to talk to a woman the right way.

There are three basic types of conversation that you can have with a woman. The first type, is known as an informational conversation. This is when you are talking to a woman and you are simply giving her information about a topic in a very blasé or scientific way. Talking about your next job assignment is a good example of this. Obviously, this does not generate attraction. This could be the reason why many scientists have trouble getting a date. The second type of conversation is known as a one-way conversation. This can be either a man talking mostly about himself and not allowing a woman to get in a word in edgewise or this could mean that the man does not know how to engage or challenge a woman so that she will want to engage him back.

The third kind of conversation is known as a two-way conversation and this has a higher likelihood of generating attraction in a woman because she is now fully engaged with you. But having a two-way conversation is not enough to get a woman attracted to you. You must also be in total alignment with who you are as a confident male. Women are not attracted to men who don't know what they want in life. Women are also not attracted to men that don't have a spine. If you always cave into her demands, then she will actually get bored of you.

You will notice that in your many interactions with different kinds of women that they are going to challenge you. This is their way of testing you to see if you are who you say you are. So while you are trying to have a conversation with her she might start to become interested in you. One thing that I've learned over the years is that women love to test men. So they will do things that might seem a little strange. Out of the blue she might ask you to buy her a drink. She might also excuse herself to the bathroom and then on the way there she will stop and talk to a guy that she knows. And she's not doing this to be mean, she is simply going to see if you will get jealous. An insecure man gets jealous and a man who is not insecure won't. So watch out for these tests because they happen all the time.

Some things to keep in mind when you are talking to a woman.

1. Maintain eye contact longer than normal.

2. Make sure you have confident body language.

3. Ask her open-ended questions and then let her run with it.

4. Don't talk too much about yourself and never brag about your job, your money, or your car because these things only communicate insecurity.

5. Make sure you're well-groomed. This will communicate that you care about your appearance and that you have self-respect.

6. Ask for her contact information when your conversation is at it's acme.

7. Do not hang around too long unless you plan on getting her alone so you can really build up the rapport. Otherwise change locations or get her contact information and then leave.

By following these guidelines you are going to be much better off than the competition. So the next time you go online or you are at a coffee shop or you are in a bookstore make sure you keep the these guidelines and mind and your chances of success will skyrocket.

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Scott Patterson is a master at meeting, approaching, and attracting women. To find out how you can pick-up ANY woman in 7 simple steps, check out his free ecourse

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How to Be a Jerk and Succeed Wildly With Women

by Scott Patterson

Have you ever seen a guy who acts like a jerk but still manages to go home with beautiful women?

Well these guys know a secret which you can learn a lot from.

What they know is that many women are attracted to men who successfully combine being a jerk with having a humorous personality.

Often called "negging" or "cocky-funny", the idea behind this attitude is to act slightly arrogant while displaying intelligence and funny traits. It works because you are letting women know that you are confident while humorous enough to be desired.

If done correctly, this an incredibly powerful technique that makes girl instantly attracted to you. Here is how you can be the "funny/jerk" that women want...

First you should always remember to balance the attitude of a jerk while remaining funny. By acting too arrogant, you'll end up repulsing women instead of attracting them. On the other hand, if you spend the whole time cracking jokes you'll end up looking like a clown. Your goal is to carefully combine both attitudes and create the perfect "funny/jerk" personality.

So how do you go about becoming a funny/jerk?

To become a funny/jerk, it's important to create a certain attitude during your entire conversation with a woman. Your goal is to never making her completely comfortable when you are talking to her. This means you should tease her behavior or comments, and make her work for YOUR attention.

It works like this:

Whenever she says anything to you or asks a question, you come back with a comment that is funny, while slightly mocking her.

For instance, if a girl asks your name, you tell her that you can't reveal it, out of fear of her stalking you.

What you want to do is constantly use humor to catch her off guard. Anything she says should be responded to in a funny, slightly arrogant manner. Furthermore, try to implement a bit of sexual innuendo into your comments.

To create a successful "funny/jerk" attitude, need to work on altering your behavior in conversations with women. You can do this by sitting down and thinking of everything that a woman will typically say during a conversation. Then work on creating witty responses to the standard topics that often come up. Your focus is to create different statements that will catch her off guard while putting you in a position of dominance. The best lines will be ones that are humorous and slightly negative.

These principle behind the "funny/jerk" works because you are creating value for yourself to women you encounter. By being a little arrogant, you are letting her know that you are confident in yourself and that she'll have to work to get your attention.

My final piece of advice is to practice, practice, practice!

Creating a "funny/jerk" attitude is all about knowing what to say in each situation. At first, it may seem to go against the common thought of being "the nice guy" towards women. So in order to implement this attitude, you need to practice with women as much as possible.

When I say practice with women, I mean you need to try to take advantage of every situation where you are talking to a girl. Even if you don't want to pick them up, it's important that you use interactions with women to practice your comments and learn how to judge their responses.

Simply by practicing at all times, you'll learn the fine art of being a "funny/jerk". As a result, you'll discover that your interactions with women will improve and you'll end up going home with more women.

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Scott Patterson is a master at meeting, approaching, and attracting women. To find out how you can pick-up ANY woman in 7 simple steps, check out his free ecourse

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How To Pick Up A Girl

by Bill Allen

If you want to know how to pick up a girl you have to know a few things. A few very important things. When you learn how to pick up a girl you are learning things that will benefit you greatly. First off, when learning how to pick up a girl you have to learn about body language. Body language is VERY important. According to studies carried out over 50% of your communication comes from your body language - what you DON'T say and less then 8% of your communication comes from what you DO say.

What does this mean to you? How does this fit into you learning how to pick up a girl?

It is MORE important to pay careful attention to HOW you say things, and HOW you stand and HOW you act and HOW you learn to pick up a girl than it is to WHAT you say (at least initially).

When learning how to pick up a girl you can have the BEST game in the world and be able to really get any woman to like you loads, for example online, but if you used those same successful techniques in the real world to pick up a girl and lacked obvious confidence, lacked eye contact etc - You would simply CRASH and BURN.

So, honestly, when learning how to pick up a girl your body language is something that you must learn to master. It is SOOOO important in learning how to pick up a girl and attracting women overall. Later in the course we'll go into how you can use the female's body language to READ her mind and know what she's thinking (this is key in learning how to pick up a girl). This article is about YOUR body language and how that applies to you learning how to pick up a girl.

Ok... So, I'll cover the basics of learning how to pick up a girl as the advanced stuff is beyond the scope of this article (if you want more advanced detail concerning body language and the art of learning how to pick up a girl you can check out the site: (

Here are the learning how to pick up a girl basics:

Learning how to pick up a girl basics #1. Smile

You have to make the female feel at ease and comfortable. When learning how to pick up a girl you want to make sure that she knows that you are a friendly and fun guy and you are not a psycho as quick as possible. Very, very important when you are learning how to pick up a don't want to SCARE her! Especially when talking to her for the first time. You also need to let her know that you are confident and comfortable around women. A big and genuine smile is the best way to do this. It works. In fact, if you ever get an Ice Queen that you can tell is about to give you the "dead eye", give her a big smile. Practice smiling at random people. You'll be surprised by how many people smile back and at how many doors open to you. Smiling WORKS. Just don't make it a cheesy, fake smile

Learning how to pick up a girl basic #2. Eye contact

As you know there's nothing worse than staring at a woman's chest - or even looking. When learning how to pick up a girl you must make sure to abide by this basic rule. Don't look! It makes you just like all the other guys who drool over her. If anything you should use all your skill to NOT look at her chest - she'll wonder why her womanly powers don't work with you and she'll seek your attention and subconsciously TRY to get you to look! (Where this is applicable this is one of the best how to pick up a girl basic rules you can use!) When talking to her, try to maintain eye contact. Not too much because it can be intimidating, but if you aim to have eye contact with her around 70% of the time you are talking, this should be comfortable for most women. Don't stare like a crazy man, just be natural but if you naturally look away or are slightly shy when it comes to eye contact, make a conscious effort to have a little more. Eye contact can make serious connections within people. They say the eyes are a window to the soul and I think there may be some truth to that. There are even speed dating type events being run that involve just staring into each others eyes - and from what I hear, they are pretty successful. Maintain eye contact. Not too much, about 70% of conversation time. Be natural. Natural acting is a very important basic rule when learning how to pick up a girl.

Learning how to pick up a girl basic #3. Upright posture

When learning how to pick up a girl guys can get away with a bit of a hunch, but women really do prefer men with straight, upright postures. Most men who are trying to learn how to pick up a girl don't know or understand this. Look at all the big film actors like Pitt, Cruise etc. They all have good posture. It says to a woman you are confident, healthy, and strong (at least in mind). It's just generally more attractive and says lots about who you are. Plus it's good for your back and will help strengthen your back muscles making it easier to maintain. When you are learning how to pick up a girl make sure you get into the HABIT of having an upright posture.

Learning how to pick up a girl basic #4. Gesticulate with open palms

You will not hear this tip anywhere else (or if you do, it was almost certainly copied from this course). This is a very secret how to pick up a girl basic rule so don't share it with anyone who could be competition.

I've gone into in depth studies of body language and this one is a good one to use in MANY circumstances - I've adapted it here after solid testing of how to pick up women - however, some people suggest that when combined with a few other verbal and non-verbal techniques it can even give you a 50/50 chance of getting out of speeding fines! Anyway, basically, when you are talking to a woman and trying to make a point (that puts you in a positive light) or defend yourself (for example, a girl suggests you might be a player) you talk and using your hands you have open palms facing upwards. Keep your arms in front of your body with your palms facing the sky and smile as you talk. It works VERY well on a subconscious level to suggest you are being honest and telling the truth. And if you want a woman to begin to trust you, making her think you are being straight with her, is important.

This open palm gesticulation MUST be combined with a smile to work effectively and it will work for you when learning how to pick up a girl...just practice it and make sure it looks natural.

Those are the basics of body language you want to know when you are learning how to pick up a girl.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to Approach Women without Fear

by Dan Tolumbro

Indisputably, the biggest problem that faces the new pick-up artist is anxiety that comes from approaching a woman he desires. There have been quite a few explanations for this, ranging from tribal history that has been implanted in our genes, to societal programming on what is right and wrong for us to do.

Put simply, we just happen to desire social acceptance more than anything else that does not physically keep us alive. We want our family to be proud of us, our friends and acquaintances to respect and include us, and the rest of the world to desire us.

What's the opposite of acceptance? Rejection. And that's what we're afraid of.

I'm going to give you some powerful techniques to eradicate this fear's hold on your life, but before that, I want to discuss the root of this in depth for you.

We're going to call a girl or group not being interested as something other than "rejection" or "getting rejected." After all, you didn't get rejected. Your approach did. If you went in differently, the reaction would have been different. We're going to call it "getting blown out" or a "blow-out." This is because while the set didn't know enough about you to reject you personally, they did express that they wanted to end the interaction.

Your use of words is very important. A good friend of mine is fond of saying, "The first set of the night is always murder." Now if you're equating talking to a girl with someone ending your life, of course you will be more than a little hesitant to make that first approach! Anthony Robbins has set up a whole system on how to use your word choice to better your life. I won't get into it here, but in short, minimize your negative word usage, especially if you're describing something that's necessary for you. If you say "Going to the gym is a royal pain in the ass," you probably won't make it there very often. However, if you say "Getting to the gym consistently is a challenge," it's a lot more likely you'll rise to the occasion. So to sum up, I NEVER want to hear you say "I got rejected."

While word choice is important, a bigger issue that holds the outcome of the set. In other words, you are giving two girls thirty seconds to give a full evaluation of your value as a person and judge you accordingly. That's a lot of power to give someone you've never met before.

There's only three reasons an approach might not go well for me:

1) My game wasn't good enough at this point to handle this particular situation

2) My game was good enough, but I made a mistake in this particular situation

3) There were extenuating circumstances that prevented success, despite that I ran a good set.

That's it. There are no possibilities for why it can go wrong.

In my years in the game, I've met plenty of people that make their living teaching men how to pick-up women. These men pick-up beautiful women right in front of their students, sometimes on video-tape. Some of these guys, if you saw them, would blow your mind because they are not attractive by any standards. They have huge guts, often are balding, sometimes pasty white, and sometimes pretty short and frail. This is a hard thing to accept until you're actually seen this, but you definitely do not need to be good looking to attract women. The point I'm trying to make is:


Your game is the problem; not your looks, not your value. It's completely dependent on your social skill-set.

When Tyler Durden makes an approach that doesn't go well (which does happen even for the masters), he says it affects him as emotionally as if he was shooting hoops and had his hand crooked on the basketball and missed.

So you have basically three options to consider. You may have been socially miscalibrated and messed up a set you could have done well. So you learn from your mistake. It also might have been a too difficult set for you to win at this point in your learning curve. You still get mad props for going for it and you are no doubt better because you did go for it. The people that get great at pick-up constantly approach sets out of their comfort zones, where instant success is unlikely. It might be a go-go dancer swinging around a pole. It may be a beautiful girl surrounded by 7 guys. It may be a celebrity. When you're higher in your learning curve, you'll be able to own that set.

Until then, it's only practice.

A great PUA named Hoobie once said that "Every failure is a brick in my palace." I would change that to "Every approach is a brick in my palace." The latter is more accurate, because every attempt you make at a pickup, it adds to your cumulative experience.

And of course there are situations where the set-up is precarious at best and it is near impossible to actually win the set. If a group of girls are having a girl's night out for a friend who's husband just cheated on her, they're going to be giving her 100% of their attention and putting guys to the side for the night. There's no way you would ever know that, so just be open to the possibility. This is not to say you should excuse yourself every time a set doesn't go well. You can't always say "She must have been married." You still have personal accountability. Just let the possibility that it was an impossible set be open in the back of your mind.

Now here are some specific techniques for consistently getting approaches done each night:

· Make it a MUST that you approach a minimum of 6 sets for the night. That you literally can't leave til you do it. Make it your goal to get blown out 6 times. Yes, no numbers, no lays, just get blown out. That way when you get blown out you're closer to your goal.

· If you have a wing, give him 100 dollars. Have him give you 10 dollars back for each approach you do. At the end of the night, he keeps the leftover cash.

· Make it a point to say some outrageous stuff in approaches, stuff you KNOW won't work. Every third approach or so, I will sometimes use a "fun" approach that I don't' expect to work like going up to a group of girls and saying "Are you ready for the big time?"

· A good exercise from Ross Jeffries is to go to a place like a shopping mall or busy street downtown and stop a girl and say "Excuse me, forgive the interruption. I'm Manny Martian. What is your favorite flavored bowling ball?" Now that's not a pickup attempt, because you were not trying to seduce her. Go do that about 20 times and it should be easier. It may be better to do that one in a major city an hour or so away from where you live for that one.

You have to go BEYOND what a typical approach is before you feel comfortable with a normal approach. Once you say something ridiculous and realize you're still alive and breathing afterwards, you can laugh it off and it's a heck of a lot easier to ask a couple women what their opinion is on something.

· FOR NEWBIES ONLY: When you approach, touch the girls before you start talking. Like tap a shoulder. That instigates the "point of no return" signal that let's you know you're already in the interaction. When you see a set, go 3-2-1, TAP, and then they're looking at you and you have to speak. After doing this for a few weeks though, quickly phase it out since it is NOT solid game for a proper pickup.

· Practice seeing women for as they are and not as the demi-gods we make them out to be in the field. If you see a woman in sexy bitch boots, sparkling eye shadow, and shimmering lipstick, of course all you can think of how absolutely wonderful it would be to kiss her. Now look at her and in your head take the lipstick off, as well as the rest of the make-up, and think of how she looks on laundry day. You don't have to imagine her ugly, but just a bit plainer. That should take it down a notch.

· Lastly, be social in general with women of all shapes and sizes. The more often you talk to women outside of a pick-up session, the more natural it will be to start a conversation with any girl at a bar. Talk to fat, older and unattractive women as well.

You may always feel some jitters your first set of the night, and I know pros who feel that way after 10 years of picking up the most beautiful women. They just plow through despite the initial unpleasant feeling. And thats what a real man does: act in spite of fear, and act in spite of discomfort.

--Dan Tolumbro

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Dan Tolumbro is a dating advice coach for men at At his site he provides free information on how to meet women in bars without fear and how to take it to the next level.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

How To Be "Nice" and Attractive

by Stephen Nash

We've all heard it...and, to a degree, it's true..."nice guys finish last".

Why is that? I mean, wouldn't YOU be flattered with someone who buys you everything you want, arrives promptly on time, thinks of you day and night, and always answers the phone on the first ring??

Actually, NO, I wouldn't at all....

See where I am going with this??

Guys - women want us to be nice to them, but more importantly they want us to have our own LIVES. When, we shower and flatter them constantly, well that just shows them that they are VERY important to us - which might scare the hell out of them.

Perhaps we need to rethink this word "nice" and frame it in the context of being attractive. OK?

An attractive guy is someone whose life is in balance, and is focused on an aim. In fact, each area of a guy's life should be focused on an aim: his career; his health; his relationships; his hobbies etc. In fact, a guy who begins to realize on a deeper level his true nature might even feel a sense of harmony with all of these areas, creating the necessary "balance" of autonomy.

Now, don't let me lose you here. I realize I am getting a bit heady, but just know that aiming towards a goal is something we truly need in each area of our lives.

The feeling most guys project is a sense of desperation, and a lack of a strong footing. Once a guy can arrange his lifestyle in such a way as to help harness his focus (and energy) the sense of desperation tends to wane. His relationships with women lose the importance that they once had. Interestingly enough, he then is more attractive (READ: less desperate) to women.

Once a guy is centered in this place of, dare I say, personal power, he can then be truly nice to women. The former example is mere manipulation, and any woman with a head on her shoulders will smell you from ten miles away. So, stop seeking validation from women, and get your life in order. Once this happens, feel free to be as nice and considerate as you want.

I even tell some guys to STOP dating for some time while they get the rest of their lives in order. Only then is it fair to put yourself on the market. Until then, you will not attract a healthy mate to you, and will instead be looking for someone to fill a hole which they can not fill...that hole is your responsibility, not theirs...

So, just now, take a look at the following areas of your life:


And score yourself from 1 to 10. We have a more sophisticated way of breaking this down with our clients, and in our seminars, but for now this should suffice. Based on your HONEST answers, where do you need to put some focus? How much time do you realistically need to meet some goals? Also, if you were to raise your level in each of these areas, would you attract someone different than you might be now?

I think that's enough for now - and you thought you were going to hear a discourse on how to be nice. Trust me, each of you knows how to be nice, but what your missing is a self connected with a true source of masculine power. Until you reach that, you will settle across the board, for less than you deserve...

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Stephen Nash of Cutting Edge Image Consulting (CEIC) is author of the book How to Get A Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams and Natural Attraction, 7 CD Audio course on image enhancement and dating for men.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Do's and Don'ts on a First Date

by Terence Young

The first date is a critical moment in any relationship. You want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression. In fact, you want that so bad that your jitters and nervousness can derail your attempts to impress that date. Never fear, though, because if you follow the advice in this article, you are bound to make the best impression possible. If the girl or guy doesn't want to date you again, it might just be that you really aren't suited for each other. If this is the case, there isn't any point in wanting it to continue anyway, right? So here are some do's and don'ts that should smooth the way.

Do plan an actual date, such as a movie, concert, or dinner. Have an entertaining evening all planned out instead of just getting together to see what happens. You can always go to plan B later if things are going good.

Do be clean, well groomed, and appropriately dressed for the event.

Do be on time. Tardiness shows a great lack of respect for that other person. Likewise, showing up an hour early because you just can't wait puts pressure on them because they are probably not ready.

Do be decisive about the restaurant or other places you will go, but remain flexible. If you chose a steakhouse, but didn't realize your date was into vegetarian fare, it would be a kind gesture to change the plans to visit a restaurant more suitable to her tastes. Generally speaking, however, someone needs to be willing to make the decisions. Nothing is a bigger waste of time than two people batting a restaurant choice around.

Do take a little time to think up some things to talk about if you are both naturally quiet people. Most people like to answer questions about themselves. Try not to just ask a list of yes or no questions though, as though you are interrogating them. Ask questions that require more of an answer. Ask about his or her hobbies, interests, and ideas.

Don't, however, openly argue with your date's ideas. If you can tell that you are worlds apart in philosophy or religion, it might me a good idea to just enjoy the entertainment and find someone else to ask out the next time.

Don't spend your date doing something self-centered. For instance, if you go to an arcade, let your date play the games, too. Don't sit and talk on the cell phone or do business while you're together either. Your date should have your undivided attention.

Don't make them feel ogled or watched, however. If you find them extremely desirable, try to restrain yourself. Don't put them on the defensive. Give them time to get to know you, and they might find you equally desirable.

Finally, don't give up before you have given yourself and your date a fair chance. Remember that he or she is nervous, too. Don't get impatient about either pushing the relationship or giving up on it. Give it a chance to grow on its own.

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