Sunday, December 10, 2006

7 Tips on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

by Jason Gordon

1st Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Apologize Sincerely. We're assuming it's your fault. Think about what you did. Put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes. How would you feel? Think about what you would want to hear if she had done or said the same thing to you? In this way, you'll start to realize that what you did was wrong from HER point of view. When you apologize, do it sincerely addressing what you did wrong in a frank, forthright manner.

Don't make excuses! Don't qualify your apology and don't blame her for your words or actions. If she still has feelings for you, a sincere apology is one of the best ways to prove to her that you are worthy of a second chance.

2nd Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Act like you just started dating. Girls want to feel special. She obviously feels hurt - that's why she borke up, right? She is hurt and/or annoyed with your behavior so guess what you have to do to get her back - change your behavior. Start listening. Do nice things for her. Romantic things like you used to do before you started seriously dating. Be creative. Flowers and chocolate are good but they may not be enough. Think about how you can really make her feel special...then do it.

3rd Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Don't wait for her. She broke up with you. You are upset, right. You may be thinking she'll come back to her senses...WRONG! The balls in your court, buddy. You need to be the one to make first contact. Every moment you wait after the initial breakup just proves to her that you dont care.

4th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Change! This is a no-brainer. Think back over what you fought about...was it a one time occurence? Was it something she often compained about? Is it something that she warned you about but you didn't listen. Many times guys feel to proud to change...that is a bad sign for your relationship. Both partners need to learn to compromise. If she used to say your lazy and lack ambition, prove her wrong. If she said you were untrustworthy, stop whateverf made her believe that. You get the point.

5th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Talk to her friends. Yep, it sounds horrible but this tip may be your best bet. She has been busy talking to all her girlfriends about what a jerk you are and they are there confirming it by saying she can do better...can she? If you don't think so, then call up her friends and tell them how upset and sorry you are. Ho much you miss your ex and wish you had her back. Get them on your team and before long they'll be encouraging her to give you a second chance.

6th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Lunch Date. Ok, it's obvious she needs some time to figure things out. You really screwed up after all. Tell her that and then just say you want to see her. Something a lunch date. Keep it about work, the weather, whatever. Shower her with compliments. Tell her you miss her but dont go overboard. It'll get her thinking if she made the right decision.

7th Tip on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: The Love Letter. No, emails aren't ok! Sit down with a cup of coffee and make a list of why you like this girl so much anyway. Why do you miss her? Right it down. Right down how she makes you feel. Write down why you are sorry and possibly why you or said what you did. Be vulnerable! You'll be surprised what the pen can do to heal heartbreak.

That's it. Getting your ex girlfriend back is up to you. Try the tips above. If you think you need more and let's face it, your probably will, try the link below and Good Luck!

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