Sunday, August 27, 2006

14 Love Tips of Having Fun with Your Partner

by Subhash Kumar

A good relationship doesn't just happen. Couples who stay together for years aren't just lucky. It requires both people to actively care for and work on the relationship, just like a garden. Communication is Key
Communicate with your spouse. Let them know what you are feeling and how you are feeling. Don´t be silent. It does no one any good.

Day is Done
* Share a sunset with the ones you love. If it´s warm out, find a spot with a nice view of the sunset and sit with your loved one.
* Thank them for something they did for you today.
* Tell them you're glad you're sharing this sunset.
* Say "I love you".
* Share something for which you are grateful.
* Tell them how much they mean to you.

After work/school
After her/his work or school ride with him/her to his/her home, if she/he ask you to come in really do, but never ask if you may in. just give him/her a small kiss and go home.

Do some Flattery
To break out of the daily grind, be sure to compliment your partner on something - anything. Often people forget to comment on a pretty dress or nice shirt because they see that person every day. That quiet comment can be just the thing to lift spirits for an entire day.

Feel the love through text
Text message your partner. it might be new but a buzz in the pocket and a sexy romantic message brightens anyones day. Have to say me and my partner text so much we feel together when we're not. Of course it needs to work with both of you.

Tell him/her how you feel
Telling them how you feel can really open his/her hearts to you but first you must open your heart to him/her. Remember he/she may try to open your heart don't be afraid let him/her in and take it slow.

Make some dishes for him while you are with him
* You can make food what he likes when he's with him.
* There's a saying that ' heart connect with stomach '.
* It can make him feels that you love him and you care him.

Try to spent some time with him/her
If you find that due to work of school/college that you only get a small amount of time together then make the most of what you have. Hold him/her, make your partner feel loved and tell them their loved. There are allot of insecure people, even if they don't show it.

Surprise attack
When things begin to get repetitive and a little boring, plan a day when your partner and you have a good portion of free time to spend together. Before you leave to see your partner, put together a little picnic in a bag. Bring along a blindfold also. Keep your picnic plans a secret. when your partner gets in your car, just say "I have a surprise, now just trust me!" tie the blindfold around his/her eyes and drive to a romantic outdoor destination, some where you two haven't been to recently or somewhere that may have a little sentimental value. Watch What You Say
Think before you speak, never say anything out of anger and hold on to the special moment by making him/her know that they mean everything to you.

Wear Something New
Even if you just raid your closet for something you haven't worn in a long, long time, add a jolt of newness into your relationship. It can be great fun!

Have fun after a long day
Take a bubble bath together and then give each other a massage and enjoy your night by the fire.

Find a Nearby Escape
Log on to and have it map where you live. Now ask for interesting locations within an hours drive. You might be amazed at what you'd find, and it could be a great weekend getaway!

Wishing on a Star
Look up in the sky at night. Pick out a star. Call her and tell her to look out her window. Describe to her how to find the star you're looking at. Tell her that every time you look at the star, you'll think of her, and you'll make a wish. Tell her to think about you whenever she looks at the star, and to also make a wish. Chances are, you'll both end up wishing for the same thing.

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