Sunday, June 25, 2006

Successful dating

by Annette Mavety

"Essentials Of Successful Dating Revealed" In the first instalment of your course, we're going to cover one of THE most important attributes for successful dating - CONFIDENCE.

Men and women alike - especially high achiever men and women, are looking for, and attracted to confidence in a dating partner.

I'm talking about a self-assured, personal confidence, rather than anything that looks at all like arrogance, dominance, or one-upmanship!

Genuine confidence is not to be confused with external consumer status symbols such as money, looks or possessions. Not that such factors don't have an influence in the confidence stakes of course, but they are no substitute for real inward confidence.

Sometimes even successful executives feel much more confident in their business roles than they do one-on-one with a new date. The interesting thing about confidence is that it is hard to "fake it" for long periods of time!

But there are things that one can do, and not do, to present oneself as a person with genuine confidence:

1) Have a genuine and warm smile.

2) Keep your posture straight, upright and confident looking, but also relaxed.

3) Look your date straight in the eye - don't keep glancing down, or have your eyes darting around the room.

4) Avoid nervous gestures and habits, like clicking your pen, fiddling with the drinks coaster, or scratching your nose.

5) Keep your conversation topics uplifting and positive. Definitely avoid complaining about previous relationships!

6) Be prepared to confidently tell them about yourself, sharing relevant and interesting stories etc., but don't bale up the conversation, with long accounts of the intricacies of your life - for instance, office politics!

7) Listen attentively, and reflect back the FEELING of what your date is saying, so that they feel understood.

8) When your date shares something from their heart, be sure to match the sincerity - never make light of it, or joke about it - this will kill respect!

9) Don't ask deeply personal or intrusive questions on your first date - remember that the development of any relationship follows a natural progression over time.

10) In preparation for your date always keep your mind filled with positive mental pictures of a successful date - if you let your thoughts be overtaken with fears of failure - you will communicate just that fear! This is almost certain to sabotage your results.

Confidence means...

You're able to talk without showing nervousness...

You're able to listen actively while your date is talking...and;

You're able to relax and enjoy the time, and the company, without projecting any other agendas. Article kindly provided by Simply Drinks.

About the Author
Annette runs Romance 4 Millionaires, which is an international, exclusive, personal dating service where affluent and successful men and women meet compatible partners in a discreet and confidential manner.

She offers an exceptional level of service tailored to your individual requirements.

Searching for the perfect partner is a very special, personal and intimate process. We take all the hard work out of finding your perfect partner.


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