Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So Her Actions Say Yes

By Adom Canaccord

So you have a girl and you have done some things right and you've got her going for you. You studied body language, word patterns, behavior patterns and practiced them enough to have a beneficial effect when used on this girl. Now you have this girl and she is interested in you, she likes you, but you have not yet established an agreement that you are going to be together. Before you do that, the girl will throw out some despairing curve balls. Girls do this, especially in the last minutes when they give in. It might just be the final struggle before she is subdued. They do not always do this, but if there was hesitation or signs of uncertainty on your part, or if you have needlessly rejected the girl before, this is the result.

She will say that she has a boyfriend, that she is not interested, that she's not looking for a boyfriend etc. whatever. The key her is to not to argue with her or respond in any way. Let this one slip, just nod your head and stay silent until she vents out. Wait until she is done and then continue with the next subject, talk about her new bracelet or whatever. The key here is to watch her body language, if it's open, and you can tell she wants you, don't be distracted by the words.

What is going on here is that somewhere in the initiation you have done something wrong. You took to long to approach her when she was giving you a signal. You might have been too shy and made her feel rejected by not going along with some approaches from her. You might have been jealous and made her feel like you were interested in someone else. Whatever it is these issue will have to resolve when she is becoming ready to give it to you.

If you were flirting with some other girl, she will be saying that she's seeing someone else. If you have played hard to get and rejected her before, she will say that she is not interested. If you have been hesitant in approaching her at some point, she will be acting hesitant and unsure of wanting to be with you. The point is that it's hard to remember all of the things that you have done, or it might have been some other guy who put those insecurities in her. How ever they got there, they will have to come out if you want to get physical with this girl.

The good news is that there is a very easy way to neutralize those struggling last minute resistance words by being neutral. If you turn away from her, she will confirm that you are not interested. If you respond to her and try to reason out with her, she will know that you have been thinking about it and it's still on your mind. However you can settle all of her concerns by just not responding in any particular way. The best way is as if you have forgot about all those things and just nod your head as if she a five year old child rumbling on when it doesn't know what it's talking about. Just relax.

She will keep throwing out those issues until the last of them is neutralized. Pay attention to her body language. If it's open and her resistance is merely a reflection of something you have done to her. Chill out, find something to talk about for when she's done and before you know it you'll be getting physical with her in no time.

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