Sunday, October 23, 2005

Attract and Seduce Women: Becoming an Attractive Person

By Sebastian Drake

Let's take a step back, my friend.

I love the techniques and flourishes used to meet women, and date them. And make solid connections and relationships, if that's your bag, or get laid, if that's what you'd like. Or both.

But there's one little big thing that's absolutely crucial to your success.

You need to take the time to become a more attractive person.

Most people don't like how they look to some extent. And many people use this as an excuse to not try their best. I hear men acting defeated that they're not six feet tall, so they don't even try. They let themselves go entirely.

Let me tell you: A woman will take a guy of just about any height that's well-groomed, healthy, and fashionable over a tall guy who is a mess.

If you're serious about getting the women of your dreams, you should make a commitment to spend a few minutes each day grooming yourself.

A big list of little things that'll make you infinitely more attractive:

-Doing your hair

-Cutting your fingernails

-Washing your face

-Taking a shower

-Styling your hair

-Shaving or trimmering your beard

-Clean clothes

-Clothes that fit your figure well

-Chapstick or lip balm

-Adjusting clothing to look good (tucking/untucking, how many buttons done up, etc)

-Cleaning your shoes

-Color coordinating an outfit



-Eating healthy for even just a few days in a row

-Any kind of exercise, even just 20 pushups once a day

And so on.

Doing little things like that will make a drastic difference. Get a haircut. If you've got a collared shirt, go get it pressed at the dry cleaner's. There's now convenient teeth whitening strips available at the grocery store. I did it, and I'm really happy I did. My teeth sparkle. Took me a few minutes a day for a couple weeks.

Don't do these things to "get women". They'll help a lot, but the main reason you should be doing this is for you.

And treat yourself to a couple cool, simple accessories. I like to buy relatively cheap sunglasses because I seem to lose shades about every three months, but I have fun with them while I've got them. My current pair is light blue and transparent. My last pair were throwback 70's-style rose-colored shades.

Rings are good. If you don't want to make a big production or commitment to getting a piece of jewelry, just go put $2 worth of quarters into the little jewelry machine in front of any supermarket. You'll probably get 1 or 2 interesting rings that'll fit on your pinky.

Get a bracelet or a necklace that has some meaning behind it. It doesn't have to be outrageous. A silver necklace from your religion, if you have one, is good. A Crucifix, Star of David, or Moon and Star will work fine. Could be a symbol from one of the planets. It could be anything with something interesting, unique, or important to you on it.

It'll help with conversation and it'll make you stand out from the others a little bit. Bracelets go the same way, by the way. Though it's quite mainstream, something simply like a Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" bracelet would show some character and style on your part.

Something I make sure to tell my wealthy students: It's more important that your accessories are stylish and interesting than they show you're wealthy. For example, a friend of mine is involved in real estate and does pretty well. He has two watches: One is a blue-faced solid gold Rolex. The other is a cheap Nike runner's watch.

He's into the study of seduction himself, and he came to find his yellow runner's watch is better for meeting women than his Rolex. Of course, this varies, but being interesting and stylish is far more important than appearing rich (which you can appear to some extent if you're not wealthy, but carry yourself well).

Body language and posture: I could go on about subtle nuances of body language for a while, but let me give you two major components. First, rise up to your full height. Never slouch, slump, or such. You'll look defeated. Rise up to your full height regardless of if you're short or tall.

Second, pick your chin up. Everywhere. Hold your head high, so your chin is parallel to the ground at worst. Having your chin pointed higher, towards the sky, is okay, but never look down towards the ground as you walk, sit, or talk with someone.

Do little things. Technique takes a bit of time to develop, and is great, but you can greatly supplement your technique by taking just a few minutes to do one little thing for yourself.


Sebastian Drake has been writing in the fields of Seduction, Diplomacy, and Leadership for the past five years. In the past two years, he has won praise and accolodates for his oustanding and effective coaching on live programs, workshops, and seminars. He is a cofounder of theApproach: The Science of Social Chemistry for the Modern Gentleman, bringing profound lifestyle changes to any man's social, romantic, and sex life.

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