Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Attract Females with Confidence, The Secrets to Finally Dating Women

By Kathleen Lieu

Single and strong yet at the same time desperate females are the new images of women these days and you see this portrayed in the media. I am not talking about Desperate Housewives-- for one, I never hop the bandwagon and watch or like what everyone else likes. But that doesn't not make my judgment of men out of sync and "whack." I digress. My point is the reason why so many women out there are single is because they believe the "good men" are all taken. Having a larger population of women in the world generally does not help either.

So women are desperate. Why are so many men still single and seeking help from articles such as this one?

For one, men need to have more confidence. Not to the level where they shoot their noses and chins in the air and they are disgustingly arrogant. A slight air of arrogance is sexy. Too much is not.

Building more confidence can start slowly. Learn to look a person and not just a woman one is attracted to in the eye. Stand up straight and tall. Don't try to distinguish oneself with stupid comments, jokes, and noises. Immaturity is such a turn off, especially when women these days are out for the kill, meaning they are serious most of the time. It doesn't mean boyish charms are turnoffs as well. Just be able to differentiate between the two. A shy smile, some genuine naivete is not the same as hair pulling, fart jokes, burping, and butt scratching.

Relationships are so hard to form and so easy to destroy these days, proven by the vast amounts of Dating for Dummies and other such literature on the subject. Love is taken granted for, hearts are broken, and bonds are not ever-lasting. We have cynics and skeptics, we have the strong romantics, we have so many females out there waiting for romance.

Sometimes, people are overlooked, males and females alike.

It is also the sad truth that we are build to be superficial-- yes, we are, no matter how much you think you aren't, you will still like what is beautiful to you-- and a good population of people are generally not good-looking.

For men, confidence can help with your looks. As well as a nod to the metrosexuals, just don't overdo it. A guy who spends more time obsessing about his looks than a typical woman is not exactly attractive. Showing vanity is a no no. It doesn't mean you should spend five minutes in the bathroom each day, throw together some mismatched outfit and have pieces of dandruff in your hair and dead skin/dirt on your face and hands.

Just know, you are doing this for yourself. When you are ready for a relationship, build your confidence, take care of yourself, and try to loosen up a bit. Sweep girls off their feet. They are tired from waiting for the right one. Compromises, people... We must all compromise and make little sacrifices for what we want in the end!

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